Monday, November 2, 2009


Archer was supposed to be a lion for Halloween this year, but the costume did not suit his taste. The costume had a hat/hood thing that he couldn't stand. Also, he was really scared by the paws. If you even mentioned trying on the lion outfit he would start to whimper. It was really sad. So I tried to make him think the costume was funny by putting part of it on Scout.

That may have made things a little bit more frightening for Archer as Scout did end of resembling a lion.

I had a day before the Halloween party we were to attend. David and I scoured Target looking for anything that Archer would wear. We found a perfect Superman shirt. He didn't even notice the cape.


Mary said...

I love that last picture especially.

genmariexoxo said...

cute dog ;)

Serge said...

Your little Superman is such a darling! I hope he grows up to be an active kid!