Saturday, December 13, 2008

A Friend and a Fever

Archer is sick. He's got a fever and a cough and it's hampering our social life. We were supposed to go out to dinner at the Begert's house tonight and now we can't. I am seriously disappointed because I even finished my paper so we could go. I guess a baby means sacrifice.

David says this is a downer of a post. I am just expressing my feelings :).
Other feelings I have about my baby is that he is adorable and he made a friend yesterday at the Friday playgroup. Her name is Nava and she is 6 months. Her dad thought Archer was getting a little too friendly.

Here is the video of the babies:

Thursday, December 11, 2008

An Early Christmas Present!

Today I met Lindsay at the Phillips Collection. I forgot how fun museums could be. Archer was pretty quiet and we let him crawl around the museum/ mansion. Even though I was supposed to start my 10 page paper for Children's Lit, today was a tie for my favorite morning this week.

The other great morning was yesterday when I went to our Music Together class. I am not musical at all, but think Archer might be. He really likes banging things and the teacher, Nancy, said he was the first child she has had to grab the guitar and hang on to it. That means he's musical, doesn't it? Even though I sing to him off tune the songs we learn, I love the class.

I also love early Christmas presents like the kind that grandparents give their grandson and that I can put together. Early Christmas presents like a toy box! Thanks John and Karen.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Oh Christmas Tree!

David and I got a Christmas tree on Saturday - well, David actually got the tree. Archer, David and I walked to get the tree stand. Great Granny Navarin provided the ornaments. I made the paper rings. It was definitely a family effort and I think it is the prettiest tree in D.C. It is our first real Christmas tree.
Check it out for yourself.

Friday, December 5, 2008


I sure have been a lazy girl when it comes to posting.

Here's a quick update on my life with Archer and the dogs:

  • Brandy is really sweet with Archer and lets him crawl all over her. Yes, Archer is crawling and he is crawling fast.

  • I told my principal that I could not work in January because I wasn't ready to leave Archer yet. I did promise that I would sign a contract for next fall though. So we have been visiting daycare without much luck yet.

  • Thanksgiving was wonderful even though bad dog Scout grabbed Uncle John's crotch.

  • I ate way too much last weekend and still feel like I am 10 lbs overweight.

  • Archer likes to say dye or die or di (I think he is trying to say Dad)

  • The Redskins and the Seahawks are not having their best seasons. I know this because I hear the screaming from various males in my life.

  • David, Archer and I are going to get our Christmas tree tomorrow :)

  • Aunt Mary is visiting us in a week!

  • Uncle Andrew, Aunt Nicki, Hazel, Gran and Grandad are all coming to visit in about 2 weeks!

  • Christmas and Archer's baptism are fast approaching!

Here is a video of Archer playing