Thursday, January 29, 2009


On Friday mornings Archer and I go to Mommy and Me yoga. I love it because I get some much needed exercise and Archer gets to crawl around and see other babies.

Sometime Archer and the other babies like to meet other mommies too. They climb under and around and on top of moms while we are trying to do yoga poses. Our teacher says we are supposed to welcome the visitors and to work around them. It's a welcomed diversion during the hard poses. Last week Louis picked me to play with. He is the other little boy in the pictures below.

Can't wait for yoga tomorrow!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Being watched at the Zoo

This past Saturday David and I took Archer to the zoo. Archer was in his bear costume and David and I felt like we were celebrities. Everyone we passed either stared directly at Archer or made comments.

For example, one little girl expressed astonishment as she told her mother, "I thought that baby was a MONKEY!" The mother of the girl agreed, that she too thought Archer was a monkey. When walking into the zoo, another girl turned to her dad and said, "Look daddy, a tiger!" Other people knew he was clearly a bear and said things like,"Oh look at the cute bear!"

It was a fun afternoon. We ended up seeing 2 different types of real bears at the zoo: a sloth bear and a panda bear. Here a picture of the panda bear we saw eating a green crate.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Feeding the Dogs

AU grad classes have started again. Yuck. It's hard to understand why I spend so much money torturing myself, but it must be done. This semester I am taking Teaching Social Studies and Foundations in Education. Both classes are partly on the web. So now I am a proud member of Skype, Twitter, and Diego. I feel much more computer savvy, but I still have yet to join Facebook. With classes comes homework and lots of it. I have forgotten how I was able to teach and take 2 classes.

It would seem I am so busy I don't feed our dogs anymore. So Archer has taken on this chore. He does a good job of it.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Irish Roots

David says I should call this post Irish Roots because I am part Irish and Archer is wearing a hat with red hair on it.
But what about Scout and Brandy? Where are they from? Scout is obviously Egyptian because his family members were originally the pets of the Pharaoh there. He is also a pit bull, but I won't go into those roots right now.
Brandy is another story. Brandy is from West Virginia. She has a great country voice. She also has bad teeth and bad breath. (That was a joke. I only know 1 person from West Virginia and he does not have bad breath or bad teeth. In fact, he is brilliant.)

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Fire Pants!

David got these awesome fire pants from Little Hugh for Christmas. He wore them outside of the house for the first time today. We were taking a walk in the freezing cold to the playground and all the people we passed were laughing at us. Coincidence?

Monday, January 12, 2009

The Camo Blues

(Please sing in a blues type tune)

"I have the Camo Blues. My nail clippers were taken away."
"I have the Camo Blues, but my monkey's here to stay"
"I still have the Camo Blues, but there may be a brighter day"
"I no longer have Camo Blues because I have a blue block. "

"Thanks for listening to my song. Thanks Mary and John for my Camo PJ's!"

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Archer Walking! (with help)

Archer is walking with help. He loves to practice with his Tonka truck and Radioflyer wagon (thanks Gran and Grandad). Go buddy, go!

The Head Shake

It's a long video, but you get to see his head shake.

Monday, January 5, 2009

My Little Bear

Archer got this adorable snuggly from his Boo Daddy for Christmas. He's my little bear.

Here's another little bear. It's a tough call, but mine is cuter.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Christmas 2008

How I love presents! I especially love buying toys for Archer, which is why I went to Tugooh Toys yesterday and bought 100 wooden blocks. After serious architecture projects, David asked me if I got the blocks for Archer or for myself.

Archer's Christmas outfit for parties and church.

Back to Christmas. It was so much fun getting and giving this year. My highlights were getting a irobot vacuum cleaner, a Vera Bradley tote, a great big travel bag, new towels and an incredible print of our house in Windwood. I also loved watching Archer watch Little Hugh play with a remote controlled helicopter. David says the helicopter won the best present prize for the 2 hours it worked.
We had a delicious dinner in Richmond at my parents house Christmas Eve with yummy creamed mushrooms. Unfortunately that night, I got sick because Archer was sick. We went back up to D.C. on Christmas day and had another delicious meal at Granny Navarin's house with Karen and John. I wish we could have stayed longer, but I had to camp out in our bathroom.

Despite being sick, it was a wonderful Christmas with my family.
Archer's Christmas Santa Clause outfit, courtesy of Uncle Hugh.

A cute picture, but Archer looks a little funny.

Our family!

Friday, January 2, 2009

The end of 2008

I realize that a lot has happened since I last posted.
I will sum up quickly for you:
  • Aunt Mary came for a visit for a few days with little Roo Roo. She (Mary, not the dog) is a fabulous laundress and I couldn't have gotten through that busy week before Christmas without her.
  • Uncle Andrew, Aunt Nicki and Hazel visited. We went to the Newseum and learned all about news. We also got some great entertainment from Hazel as she grooved to Santa Baby.
  • Archer got baptized at Episcopal High School and we threw a baptism party for him. See the pictures below for more details.
  • Christmas came and went. I will post pictures of our little Santa Clause later.
  • We all got sick.
  • And a new year arrived. Welcome 2009!

Archer in his whites. He sure is handsome.

All the Godparents.

Godmother Aunt Mary and Godfather Uncle Hugh

The Quaker Child.